Our field lies at the unique intersection of art, social science, history and technology; our method is to explore and make use of the inherent complexities therein. Every design problem is different and presents its own set of challenges. For this reason our approach toward a solution varies from project to project, and client to client. However, there are a number of fundamental tenets that underscore our work and ideas.


We work to create beautiful, useful, and well-crafted things for people.


We believe in the physical and metaphysical beauty of materials.


We believe in thoughtful, careful, and elegant detailing; this is where quality resides.


We believe in gracefulness, poise, and deliberation.


We celebrate both mass and lightness, gravity and levity.


The relationships between people and design are not only learned but are also instinctual; it has evolved along with us both culturally and biologically.


Great architecture can be very simple or extremely complex, but it must both please the senses and enhance our lives.